The tale of Austin McKettrick, the youngest brother, brings this trilogy to
a close. And while it’s completely predictable, it’s also completely wonderful. Austin’s interactions with Paige are fun and lively and the mystery that began in Tate’s story ends with Austin’s love story and adds quite a suspenseful punch.

Paige Remington is going through a rough patch. She’s the bridesmaid in her sisters’ dual ceremony — and having nightmares about her ugly dress. She’s temporarily unemployed and her house is being renovated. When Austin comes home after conquering the bull that almost killed him, she’s forced to play nice with the man that broke her heart. Then when Austin is shot, she’s hired by his brothers to be his nurse. Austin McKettrick is forced to face some serious decisions. His livelihood is killing him and now that he’s beaten Buzzsaw he doesn’t have anything left to prove. That is, until he heads home and sees Paige Remington. He’s still in love with her and now he does have something to prove — that his word and his love for her are real. (HQN, Jul., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton