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by Linda Lael Miller

Genre: Contemporary Romance, General Contemporary Romance
Sensuality: MILD

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There’s just something about those McKettricks and the folks of Blue River, Texas, that makes you want to jump right into the pages and stay for a while. Miller is the queen when it comes to creating sympathetic, endearing and lifelike characters. She paints each scene so perfectly readers hover on the edge of delicious voyeurism. While there are a few areas that leave readers hanging, it leads quite nicely into the third and final book in the series.

Garrett McKettrick’s political idol and employer has let him down. Actually, the man has outright lost his mind and Garrett heads back home to the ranch to assess his future. But calm isn’t what he finds back home. Chaos reigns at the ranch. His brother is planning a wedding, their cattle are being stolen and left for dead and Julie Remington and her son are staying at the house. He can take all of it in stride — except for Julie. Their immediate physical connection is fun but quickly turns to something more, something he’s not sure he wants.

Julie has more than enough on her plate. Her son’s father is in town and wants to make a connection. Her house is being sold out from under her and her prize student is at risk of not having the future she deserves. On top of all that, Garrett McKettrick has caught her eye. Not one to shy away from physical pleasure, she jumps in only to find that she wants Garrett for more than sex. She wants him to stay. (HQN, Jun., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed By: Annette Elton

Publisher: HQN

Published: June 2010

Reader Rating

4.5 Stars

Average Rating: 4.5 Stars
(2 ratings)

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Mckettricks of Texas: Garrett

Submitted by hcabm on June 30, 2010 - 7:18am.

I had a wonderful time savoring this story.

Garrett was an interesting hero, though he was a bit naive thinking the best of people he admired and not seeing their foibles. However, none of us are omnipotent and he has a good heart. It was enlightening to see how his eyes were opened and how he responded to the different situations one they were.

Our heroine Julie although she was attracted to Garrett was deliberate in her choice in pursuing a relationship with him. She is thinking of two things: She has a child to consider and he probably will be moving on. Is it enough to just live in the moment?

The story was just the right mix of family interactions, romance and a little bit of danger and intrigue.