This is a delightful story of two people who should be together, but whom circumstances have pulled apart. Watching them find their way back to each other
is both heartwrenching and satisfying, because Miller crafts amazing, deep characters who tug at readers' heartstrings. Thoroughly entertaining!

Libby Remington has had her heart shredded too many times. Her mom left her when she was young, her father died and she was dumped by her true love after he cheated on her and got someone else pregnant. Yet when Tate McKettrick comes knocking on her door, asking for another chance, Libby's hard-pressed not to give him one.

One drunken night ruined Tate's chances with Libby. While he wouldn't trade his twin daughters for the world, he'd give anything to have Libby back. Between negotiating with his manipulative ex-wife and running his ranch, he barely has enough time to breathe, but he just can't get Libby off of his mind. (HQN, Feb., 368 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton