An extra helping of heat is served up in book two of the Bad Boys series. There's lots of action, a dash of anger and suspense, but the romance and passion are definitely at the forefront. The inner thoughts of the characters are frequent, yet sometimes unnecessary. In particular, Olivia's insecurities can be annoying and puts a damper to the storyline. However, with new great characters joining existing favorites and hot sex right off the bat, Leighton's fans will find it hard to be disappointed. P.S. Don't miss the striptease scene!

Olivia Townsend has chosen Cash Davenport as her knight in shining armor. Although she swore off bad boys some time ago, one kiss melts her insides and her decision is made. However, Cash has been harboring secrets about his family that could land him in prison, and destroy their too-good-to-be-true relationship. Has Olivia built up enough trust in the short time they've been together to lay her life on the line for Cash, and has he done enough for her to deserve it? (BERKLEY, Feb., dl., $4.99)

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Jamie A. Geraldi