Allyson Cole, the owner of a gourmet health food cafe, has finally overcome her fear of commitment and agreed to marry Warren Noble. That very night a knock on her door brings her Nick Pearson, the 16-year-old grandson she didn't know she had. Nick is the son of the infant daughter Allyson gave up for adoption when she was 16. Nick tells Allyson that his mother has died, and she tries to help the boy find where he belongs. The search takes them on a journey to his grandfather, the man she hasn't seen in 36 years. The Me I Used to Be (4.5) by Jennifer Archer examines the powerful pull of old love. Allyson grows as she is pushed to face memories and emotions long ignored. Nick is a well-developed teenager in pain, and all the main characters are vividly brought to life as they struggle to balance past and present.
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor