Wacky, witty and wonderful! Me, Myself and Why? is one of the most unique and engaging stories to come along this year. There’s nothing typical and everything wonderful about Candice Jones and her “sisters.” Prepare yourself for a wild and entertaining ride.

Candace Jones is an elite FBI agent, member of the covert group BOFFO — and happens to have multiple personalities. BOFFO is a government crime-solving team full of people with emotional challenges and psychological problems. A serial killer on the loose seems to be trying to send Candace a message. As Candace, the logical and calm one, and her “sisters” Shiro, the protector and Adrienne, the wild one, work together, they’ll not only bring down a serial killer, they’ll charm a rich baker too. (ST. MARTIN’S, Oct., 368 pp., $24.99)
Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton