Image of Me Vs. Me


Image of Me Vs. Me

Gabby Wolf is at a crossroads. She has the opportunity to pursue her dream career in New York City, but her boyfriend, Cam, wants no part of that world and pops the question the night before her move to the big city. Gabby must decide who or what is more important: love or career. She secretly wishes she could have it all -- and wakes to find her wish has eerily come true.

Living the same day twice -- once in Arizona and once in New York -- twentysomething Gabby experiences the best and worst of both worlds. In New York, she tackles her role as a TV news producer and explores her single status, while in Arizona, she's busy preparing for her wedding and becoming domesticated. Gabby juggles her days until she reaches an epiphany and her universes unite. But will she find what her heart truly wants?

While the crux of the story is of Gabby's self-discovery, Mlynowski introduces this theme delicately and keeps readers intrigued by the constant flux of events. Filled with entertaining romps and interesting characters, this is a great read that comes full circle in the end. Pick up a copy and get swept away. (Aug., 212 pp., $13.95)

Reviewed by: 
Debra LiCausi