While preparing for his next film role in a small West Virginia town, soap opera actor and up-and-coming movie star Joshua Reed winds up with another drunk-driving conviction—much to the chagrin of his representatives. Leanne Gitlin, his fan club president, happens to live in town, and she and her mother agree to let him complete 90 days of house arrest—in their house!

Of course, the entertainment world—and her entire neighborhood—finds out and descends upon them. But the real trouble is that handsome Joshua behaves miserably, says cruel things and is a nightmare to live with. Leanne never thought she would feel this way about Joshua, but he can't get out of her life soon enough!

Debut author Cochran delivers a beautifully written, impressively original, heart-wrenching story about a big-time celebrity and an average young woman and her family whose lives he turns upside down. (Sep., 304 pp. $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Samantha J. Gust