As the daughter of the prosperous owner of Chicagos Happily Ever After Co., a mail-order bride service, Noelle Braddock is determined to choose a wealthy, older man as her husband, without her fathers input. That is, until a new client, sharpshooter Zach Dane, arrives looking for a bride.

The instant Zach sees Noelle in a wedding dress, it is love at first sightbut only for Zach. He vows to persuade her, any way he can, that they are meant for one another.

Though Noelle wants nothing to do with the arrogant frontiersman, she is intrigued by him and maybe even a bit flattered by his determination to win her heart. Noelle doesnt realize is that Zack is slowly wearing away her resolve with his undeniable passion.

The sensuality underlying Noelle and Zacks every encounter, their repartee and the charm of the entire story will surely win you over. Yet most of all, there isnt a woman alive who wouldnt want a man like Zack Dane to fall in love with them.

Kate Donovan has really done it this time! Her delightful romance is destined to put her on readers keeper shelves! SENSUAL (Jun., 370 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin