The setup and backstory of this second book in the Terran Realm series is readily available because the heroine tries to educate Ian in the ways of the Terrans. This is a plot-driven story -- the conflict builds, the action increases and the unexpected end begs for a sequel.

As a Terran and a member of KOTE (Keepers of the Environment), Mirabai works to maintain the balance of the elements. On assignment to investigate a popular spiritual leader, she overhears talk of a scheme to gain world domination with the aid of a mysterious box and runs off after she steals it.

Ian Black is fencing stolen goods in the park when Mira runs into him. Against his better judgment he helps her hide. Ian doesn't believe a word of Mira's crazy story about Terrans, but he's attracted to her. She believes in his inherent goodness, but will he betray her to save himself?

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Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski