Image of The Mediterranean Rebel's Bride


Image of The Mediterranean Rebel's Bride
Two years ago, motorbike manufacturer Ruggiero Rinucci had a magical fling with a mysterious woman, "Sapphire." Never able to forget -- or find -- her, Ruggiero's completely unprepared when nurse Polly Hanson informs him that "Sapphire" was her recently deceased cousin, Freda -- and he's a father. Paralyzed by grief, Ruggiero agrees to financially support the baby -- period. But Polly, who's attached to the child and has tender feelings for Ruggiero, doesn't let him off that easily. Lucy Gordon's latest Rinucci Brothers title, The Mediterranean Rebel's Bride (3), has a solid plot and a likable heroine, but there's precious little romance in Polly and Ruggiero's relationship.
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer