It's Air Force Major Vanessa Blake's dream to be allowed to join the Navy SEALs. But when her dream comes true and she gets to hand-pick a test team of women to undergo Special Forces training with her, she's plagued by Navy SEAL Lt. Colonel Jack Scatalone, who is convinced that women can't handle the training. But Jack soon sees how tough the Medusas are and changes his mind. He also finds his perfect woman in Vanessa, someone who understands just how tough his job is. When Jack goes to the Middle East to rescue his own team and gets caught, it's the lady Medusas, who are secretly sent in to save him. Cindy Dees does a wonderful job creating very realistic settings and vivid descriptions in The Medusa Project (3). Her characters are both likeable and fallible. The book, however, has a shortage of sexual tension. Dees works a few romantic scenes into the plot, but they are stilted and out of place because the romance isn't carried out consistently throughout the book.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay