Free-spirited, wealthy Texan Maddie Bright promised her dying father she would marry a titled Englishman, but shes more interested in a womans right to vote and new-fangled inventions than she is in marriage, until she nearly runs over Mr. Chayne Tennant with a motor car.

A private investigator, Chayne is involved in discovering the person who is blackmailing members of the aristocracy. He thinks Maddie is a barbaric American. When they meet again, Maddie is surprised to discover that Mr. Tennant is Lord Geoffrey Chayne Allington, son of the Duke of Bracewell. Though estranged from his family and with no love for the aristocracy, it is imperative that he catch the culprit.

Chayne needs someone to use as bait and Maddie agrees to helpand in the process slowly discovers that shes falling in love with him. Their plan to catch the blackmailer puts them in jeopardy, but his courageous little Texan proves her mettle.

With a fine sense of the Edwardian period, Ms. Robinson pens an intriguing story in the time when wealthy Americans crossed the pond to exchange money for a title and marriage for their daughters. SENSUAL (Mar., 308 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond