Image of Meet Your Mate


Image of Meet Your Mate

Unexpected twists pepper this imaginative tale of romance coupled with reality TV. The pages crackle with the sensual tension between the protagonists. The pacing
is moderate, but the suspense element feels drawn out at times. Still, it engages the interest until the shocking finale.

Jack "Dodger" Anderson would rather be doing anything else than participating in a ridiculous reality TV show. But his brother, Matthew, is receiving death threats, and it's his job to protect him. He never expected to be attracted to one of the contestants.

Brielle Chapman has agreed, against her better judgment, to go undercover for her uncle's investigation firm to find the person making threats. She never expected to encounter the man she nicknamed Dodger from her last mission. Brielle will have to keep her identity secret and her libido under control around the sexy Jack. Can Jack and Brielle find passion and the elusive perpetrator too before time runs out? (Wild Rose Press, Mar., 220 pp., $11.99)
Reviewed by: 
Keitha Hart