Image of Meeting Mr. Right (Love Inspired)


Image of Meeting Mr. Right (Love Inspired)

MEETING MR. RIGHT (4.5) by Deb Kastner: BJ and Veronica Jayne “meet” each other in an online Spanish class, and realize they both hope to work in a stateside mission with Spanish-speaking people. As their cyber-relationship grows, it becomes harder to keep it a secret. Will they live up to each other’s expectations when they meet? Vee Bishop and Ben Atwood tolerate each other at work, although Vee views Ben negatively, since he broke her best friend’s heart. Yet when work continues to throw them together, Vee starts to see another side to Ben. In this endearing final installment of the E-mail Order Brides series, Kastner provides an original twist on the “alter egos” storyline, and her characters’ struggles with identity are relatable.

Reviewed by: 
Leslie McKee