Only within the last five years have humans acknowledged and granted rights to a genetically created race known as Breeds. A century earlier, the secretive and dangerous Genetics Council took human DNA and crossed it with animal DNA to create a race of warriors/fighters.

Megan Fields is an empath who works for her cousin, the sheriff, in the remote area of Broken Butte, N.M. Law enforcement has always been Megan's calling, but her abilities make it difficult for her to function around a lot of people. While on a call, Megan discovers the murdered corpses of two Breeds and quickly comes under fire herself. It's only because of the intervention of a "Lion Breed" named Braden Arness that Megan survives.

Braden has been sent to determine who is murdering his people. When he discovers that Megan is his "mate," it is both distracting and inconvenient. Still, there's no escaping biology. But unless the two of them can discover who wants Megan dead, it will be a very short relationship.

Leigh expands on an alternate reality that she used in an earlier short story, giving readers an exceedingly sexy and sizzling new series to enjoy. Hot sex, snappy dialogue and kick-butt action add up to outstanding entertainment. (May, 304 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith