Image of Memories of Envy: A Vampire Memories Novel


Image of Memories of Envy: A Vampire Memories Novel

This third installment of Hendee’s Vampire Memories series relies on developing character relationships to overcome a fairly standard storyline. The idea that there are good vampires and evil vampires isn’t exactly groundbreaking, but Hendee uses flashbacks to great advantage to develop her characters and advance her series’ story arc. Although there’s nothing really new here plot-wise, the vibrant characters are worth spending time with. Especially noteworthy is the chilling portrait of the seductive, cruel Simone, who scares even the bad vampires.

Determined to bring lost vampires to the sanctuary she’s created for them in the Pacific Northwest, Eleisha and her protector Philip travel to Denver in search of Simone, a ruthless predator who enjoys playing games with the mortals she targets. Also on Simone’s trail is Julian, a vampire determined to destroy elders who may interfere with his chosen lifestyle. When they all meet up in Denver, the dangerous Simone is determined to destroy Eleisha and possess Philip, even as the equally dangerous Julian is determined to destroy Simone. (ROC, Oct., 320 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Carter