When Taliesan, Earl of Westford, is wounded in an attack near Ceridwen of Dyffryns village, she pleads with her grandmother for a love potion that will bind Taliesan to her.

She can have the potion, but with the condition that when Taliesan leaves he will not remember his sojourn with Ceridwen.

While recuperating, Tal succumbs to the potion and he and Ceri are lovers for one magical night. Alas, Tals reinforcements arrive to take him home and Ceri is left brokenhearted knowing Tal has forgotten their enchanted moments. To fight for her love, Ceri journeys to Tals home, Westbourne, under the ruse of visiting her aunt, who is Tals mothers companion.

Ever since leaving the village, Tal has been haunted by dreams of a woman with silvery green eyes. He is shocked to find the source of his dreams in his own home.

There are wicked plots afoot and Ceri finds herself in the midst of them when her feelings for Tal become known. When her life and Tals become endangered, will the positive forces of love prove to be stronger than the evil surrounding Westbourne?

Ms. Rogers gifts readers once again with her superb storytelling skills, weaving a tale of treachery and love. Drawn into the lives of her characters, readers will treasure MEMORIES OF THE HEART. SENSUAL (Aug., 376 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Beth McGregor