Ms. Goodger weaves an exciting and sensuous tale. She appealingly develops the male characters, giving a glimpse into their thoughts as they struggle through the complexities of war and family.

Lt. Claire Dumont and Capt. Coleman Brennan lie comatose in a hospital after a helicopter crash. Although there is no relationship between them, there is a strange bond. Even with a wall separating them, they reach for one another.

After she's shot down, Claire is thrust into the Civil War as a captured Reb soldier. When Maj. Nicholas Brooks (AKA Brennan) learns his prisoner's gender, he separates her from the men. Claire keeps her time-travel to herself and adjusts as best she can.

Both are haunted by war-time nightmares and find comfort in each other's arms. An honorable man, he marries Claire afterward and sends her to live with his sister, even though he's engaged to his long-time sweetheart.

Claire, knowing the outcome of historic events, struggles with having to watch history unfold (and the horror of Lincoln's assassination). Add a murderous politician bent on killing Claire and Nicholas' growing love and you have a strong, intriguing time-travel romance.

(Feb., 400 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndie Dennis-Greer