Illegitimate daughter of the Prince of Wales, Rhonwyn is more like a warrior than a princess. When shes un-willingly wed to an English nobleman to peacefully unite their countries, Rhonwyn is more hellion than obedient bride.

Her husband, Edward, is surprised at her spirit and then intrigued by her courage and beauty. A good man, he slowly gains Rhonwyns confidence and love and when he joins the Crusades she accompanies him to the Holy Land.

When Edward is unable to fight, Rhonwyn serves as head of the troops. Brave and skilled as she is, Rhonwyn is taken captive and given to Rashid al Ahmet, who knows more about women and sensuality than Rhonwyn ever dreamed.

Always faithful to Edward in her heart, Rhonwyn nonetheless gives her body to Rashad and discovers a joy and pleasure she never knew with her young husband. But her feelings for Rashad are not the same as those she has for Edward. Her newfound desire and strength are tested when she returns to England to discover that Edward believed her dead and there is another woman in his life as well.

The always-inventive, always-sensual, always-marvelous storyteller Bertrice Small again weaves a tapestry of passions old and new, the wild turbulence of English history and the exotic world of the eastern harem. Her fans will adore being caught in the threads of this lusty tale. SENSUAL (Jul., 368 pp., $18.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin