This three-story anthology is a gem.
Set in the fictional town of Moonstone, it has bewitching women and men who are reluctant at first but soon only too happy to be under their spell. Although they're dubbed mysteries, you should be prepared to chuckle at these pleasant stories. Two stories, "The Moonstone Fire" and "All She Wore Was a Bow," were previously reviewed.

In "Pest Control," DEA agent Jason Schuster is reluctantly called back to Moonstone to help his sister Lily, a local deputy, investigate a string of crimes. Jason last visited a decade ago, resulting in two people being killed and Jason deciding to join the DEA.

Lily's main suspect is Hyacinth Clarehout, a recent transplant to Moonstone who is eccentric to say the least. Jason is instantly attracted to Hyacinth and is as determined to prove her innocent as Lily is to prove her guilty. If he can overcome his cover as a pest control man, Jason just may convince Hyacinth to take him seriously and confide in him. (WHISKEY CREEK, Mar., 269 pp., $14.95)
Reviewed by: 
Cindy Himler