Image of Men of the Otherworld


Image of Men of the Otherworld

Originally appearing in an e-serial on her website, two of Armstrong's most intriguing heroes take center stage in this compilation that explores their unique backstories. Known for her strong heroines, Armstrong also does a fantastic job creating alpha heroes. This is an absolute must-buy for any Otherworld fan!

The book opens with the tale behind alpha werewolf Jeremy's conception and strange birth. It then shifts to the vantage point of curious 6-year-old Clayton, who invites a bite from a werewolf. When the werewolf is unsuccessful in killing Clayton, the little boy is left abandoned in the bayou. Living as a feral animal, he is eventually found by a twentysomething Jeremy. The standard procedure would be to kill a feral mutt like Clayton, but Jeremy takes a different tack and tries to win his trust. Through Jeremy, Clayton is introduced to the werewolf world, where bloodlines, politics and ambition can be a deadly mix. (BANTAM SPECTRA, Feb., 384 pp., $22.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith