Loyal southerner Deacon Sinclair has been sent to discover the secret to a Union code. On Garnett Davis doorstep he pretends to be a wounded Yankee, hoping shell give him the information he needs. He wins her heart and she surrenders her innocence, not knowing that she has given the traitor the means to decipher the code and ruin her father.

The war ends, but not the pain and torment. The Sinclairs fall on hard times, forced to sell their home to none other than Garnett and her husband.

Garnett is sure that revenge is best when its cold and shes planned Deacons destruction carefully. With her uncle masquerading as her husband, it appears she has succeeded. But seeing Deacon makes everything difficult.

The love simmers between them. Deacon buries his pride, staying on to run Garnetts general store. Garnetts small son helps bring them together, but old enemies, a traitor and their mutual pride threaten to tear them apart.

Rosalyn West paints a sharp picture of the South after the war, complete with the Southern struggle to maintain dignity, Klan activities and the harsh realities of Reconstruction, which will please the historical fan. But it is the love story centering on the redemption of two shattered souls that will satisfy the romance reader. SENSUAL (July, 347 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin