Confederate officer Noble Banning is in a Northern prison when he is given the opportunity to "join" the Cavalry and fight in the Indian Wars. Though it is difficult, he takes the Oath of Allegiance in exchange for his freedom.

A man who prizes honor above all, Noble is intent upon discovering the name of the man who betrayed his men. He will allow nothing to get in the way of his vendetta; not even his attraction to the commanding officers daughter.

For her entire life Juliet Crowley has accompanied her father with pride, dignity and love. She doesnt trust Noble, but she finds herself thinking of him not as the enemy, but as a desirable man.

Attempts on her fathers life, capture by the Apaches and the escalation of the Indian conflict thrust Juliet and Noble together until their passions explode in the desert moonlight. Yet their pride, Nobles obsession and their divided loyalties push them apart even as they struggle to stay together.

Rosalyn West artfully recreates the dilemma of the Southerners forced to fight with the Union cavalry, as well as crafting an honest, realistic portrait of life in a western fort. As always, her hero is a man worth dreaming about and her story compelling. SENSUAL (Nov., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin