Kate is a divorcée with a successful bookstore. While her finances are fine, her sex life is not—until Joe and Sean move in. Kate's fantasies of having two men at once come in the form of a unique opportunity, and her impulsive decision has her riding a fantasy train with no idea where it will lead.

With its blend of intense erotic sex, relationships and friendships, Ménage offers a rare glimpse of three mature lovers who develop their sexual desires into a loving friendship. Emotional obstacles are met with confidence, plus a healthy dose of fear and jealousy—necessary evils that Kate, Joe and Sean must overcome in order to move on with their lives.

Although some of the words in this reissued erotica are a little out of date, this does not dampen the story's effect. A wonderful sexual fantasy of one woman and two men who make their ménage trois dream come true. (Jul., 261 pp., $6.95)
Reviewed by: 
Charlene Alleyne