A hard-hitting, well-plotted story with a sweet romance mixed in, Woods' latest isn't for those looking for a light story, but readers who are up for something with a little grit should give it a try.

When Ken and Marcie Carter's son, Evan, is charged with date rape, single mom Emily Dobbs has a hard time believing it. She even tells the investigating officer, Grady Rodriguez, as much. Evan and his sister, Caitlyn, grew up with Emily's kids, Josh and Dani, and the two families have always been close.

But there's something Emily never knew about Evan, a devastating secret that Dani has kept for years. Revealing it could have consequences for everyone - because Ken is determined to prove his son's innocence, at any cost. The thought of subjecting Dani to the same scrutiny as Evan's alleged victim is horrifying, but Rodriguez has few leads, so Emily may have no choice. (MIRA, Oct., 400 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer