Image of Mending Her Heart (Love Inspired)


Image of Mending Her Heart (Love Inspired)
MENDING HER HEART (4) by Judy Baer: Lawyer Catherine Stanhope planned to visit her grandmother after quitting her job. Instead, she ends up attending her funeral. Now her plans include selling Stanhope House, until she gets to know Charley and his uncle, Will Tanner, the man her grandmother hired to restore the house to its original state. Will is determined to raise Charley as his deceased sister wished, but he’ll need to convince Catherine to share her gram’s dream for her old home and help him fight his sister-in-law for custody of Charley. A heart-warming story of how God uses sad times as well as happy ones to bring His love and that of three people who need each other together.
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley