Image of Mending the Moon


Image of Mending the Moon

Originality and poignancy abound in Palwick’s well-written story, where a young man grieves for his mother, and another mother grieves for her (in more ways than one) lost son. It’s told in varying points of view, by friends and family of a beloved mother, as well as by her killer.

While vacationing in Mexico, Melinda Soto is murdered. Her comic book-obsessed son Jeremy is left reeling. His mother’s friends weave in and out of his life, as they also try to come to terms with the devastating tragedy. Miles away, a mother is learning a horrible truth about her son, just as her long-term marriage is falling apart. In an effort to heal, an unbelievable invitation is extended, but will it mend things for all or just open up old wounds? (Tor, May, 336 pp., $24.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susannah Balch