Image of The Mercedes Coffin: A Decker and Lazarus Book


Image of The Mercedes Coffin: A Decker and Lazarus Book

Reverberations of a teacher's encouragement launch the newest in Kellerman's longstanding series. Beyond the excellent mystery, Kellerman's continued exploration of the Decker/Lazarus family builds emotional content and wonderful continuity. She's at the top of her craft!

Billionaire computer wiz Genoa Greeves had a rough time in school, so she's quite shocked when Dr. Ben Little, the one teacher who made a difference in her life, is murdered and stuffed into the trunk of his Mercedes. Fifteen years later, the case is ice cold, but when Genoa hears about record producer Primo Ekerling being found in a similar fashion, she decides to do something.

Genoa offers a generous endowment to the LAPD if they solve Ben's murder, and Lt. Peter Decker is handed the hot potato. Decker barely starts reviewing the old case when one of the original detectives on the case commits suicide. There doesn't appear to be a connection between the Little and Ekerling cases, but Decker suspects it's there -- if only he and his detectives can find it. (MORROW, Aug., 384 pp., $25.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith