Image of Merciless


Image of Merciless

Picking up where Dangerous left off and tying up loose ends while introducing some intriguing heroes, Merciless is a quick-moving romance with some suspense and an easily solved mystery. The verbal sparring between the main characters is delightful, and the heroine’s wit is refreshing. Some of the technological content, however, is a bit dated.

Though senior FBI agent Jon Blackhawk‘s mother would love to see him married, he prefers to stay single. So does his assistant — paralegal and single mom Joceline Perry. Joceline‘s young Markie is the center of her life and though some judge her harshly for his illegitimacy, she refuses to name the boy’s father, claiming he is dead. However, secrets of this type are hard to keep. When a killer targets Jon and threatens Joceline and Markie, those secrets start to surface. (HQN, Aug., 384 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley