Twenty years ago, a teenage Lucas fell hard for beautiful, young Tansy. All his dreams shattered, however, on the ill-fated night he was framed for her twin brother's murder and her rape. While in prison, he hears the startling news of Tansy's imminent marriage to the man responsible for the horrors of that long-ago night. When the prison gates open, Lucas heads for New York to save Tansy.

His first meeting with Tansy proves heartbreaking. The vibrant young girl who stole Lucas' heart has been replaced by a mentally and socially reclusive woman lost in time. In Tansy's world, that life-altering night never happened, her beloved brother never died—and Lucas never existed. Although his very presence could bring back shattering memories for Tansy, Lucas can't resist secretly meeting with her. To keep Tansy safe, Lucas knows the secrets of the past must be revealed, but he fears the truth will destroy the woman he loves.

Watching Brashear's compelling battle-scarred couple conquer the demons of their past and find love at last makes for a heart-wrenching and romantic read. Strong secondary characters with their own emotionally intense stories are added bonuses. (May, 448 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mitchell