Image of Mercy


Image of Mercy

Dimon pulls off a rare balancing act, successfully blending a taut, intriguing caper with a searing, unsettling and profoundly compelling romance. Her characters — especially her magnetic, brooding hero — are interesting and surprising, and the tension that winds through every scene is tangible. A secondary love story proves her gift for emotional plotlines and rounds out the story in an unexpected and thoroughly satisfying way. Though the breakneck pace can sometimes make it difficult to keep up with plot twists and turns, the irresistible chemistry and the deep emotions will keep readers hooked through every suspenseful scene.

Eight months ago, Jarrett Holt, owner of D.C.’s most exclusive supper club, was betrayed by the only woman he ever allowed himself to need. Since that day, he has craved nothing but revenge on the special operative who infiltrated his business. Now, Becca Ford is back, terrified and alone. The other agents on her team have been terminated, and Becca knows her only chance of survival lies in securing Jarrett’s protection. He demands a high price: Becca’s body at his whim, on his time. But can he ignore the fiery need that still lurks between them? (HEAT, May, 352 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown