Image of Mercy Burns (Myth and Magic)


Image of Mercy Burns (Myth and Magic)

The second book in Arthur’s Myth and Legend series turns its focus on half-air dragon Mercy Wilson, whose brother Trae was the hero of the series launch book, Destiny Kills. Here Arthur begins laying out the parameters of her world where dragon kingdoms thrive, hidden from human view. Readers are taken on a hazardous journey as Mercy must sift through prejudice, bigotry and murder. Arthur has created another world for readers to get lost in!

Half-dragon/half-human reporter Mercy Wilson and her dragon friend Rainey are trying to uncover the truth about Rainey’s sister’s murder when they are forced off the road. Rainey is killed in the accident, and Mercy has only days to release Rainey’s soul by finding her killers. While hunting, Mercy is captured and thrown into a cell with a mysterious stranger — dragon Damon Rey aka “Muerte” or Death, who on orders from the Dragon Council has been investigating the murder of a dragon king’s son. Under the circumstances, can Mercy trust the one called Death? (DELL, May, 352 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith