Image of Mercy Street: A Novel


Image of Mercy Street: A Novel

Stewart sets up a clever overarching premise for her intense new series with an independent group of law-enforcement professionals whose mission is
taking on cold cases, all bankrolled by a billionaire with his own tragic story. With its hard-edged drama and some burgeoning romance, this story works on many levels. Stewart is a blessing to the genre.

Forced out by a scandal, ex-cop turned true-crime writer Mallory Russo is intrigued when billionaire Robert Magellan approaches her to investigate two shooting deaths and two missing teenagers. For Mallory, the only drawback in taking the case is having to interact with the force that turned its back on her. But she works well with newly hired detective Charlie Wanamaker, and it quickly becomes apparent to both Mallory and Charlie that their case has many more layers than first appeared. Can they stop this vicious killer before all witnesses are eliminated? (BALLANTINE, May, 304 pp., $22.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith