With her husband hovering near death and the sure knowledge that the darkness has returned, Merlins sister, the Lady Meg sends her trusted servant Tristen to find her daughter, Raine.

Hidden away shortly after her birth, Raine has no idea of her powers. With her adopted parents dead, Raine wanders the countryside dressed as a beggar.

When Tristen comes upon the boy, he cannot believe the foul-mouthed shrew is his ladys daughter. But following the advice of his guide, the gnome Grendel, he trusses her up and begins the journey home.

Though Raine attempts to thwart him at every turn, Tristen finds himself intrigued and their battle of wills keeps his wits sharp and his battle skills honed.

Raines return brings joy to her parents, but fears as well, for Meg knows danger lurks somewhere in Camelot and that the Darkness is ready to devour her daughter. Will Raine accept her destiny and her powers to fight the Darkness and see good reign once more?

Resonating with a magical aura and the allure of a battle-of-wills romance, DAUGHTER OF CAMELOT is another marvelous, mystical adventure in a memorable series. Readers will relish the new adventure of another generation of Merlins daughters. Lets hope there will be more to come. (July, 413 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin