MERLIN'S LEGACY: DAUGHTER OF FIRE, the first in a trilogy about Merlin's three daughters, each of whom possesses unique magical ability and a mission to use her powers against evil, presents Vivienne of Amesbury, a healer gifted with wondrous skills and the "sight."

Haunted by dreams of a great battle and one man who will change her life, Vivienne realizes that her dreams are prophetic when Rorke Fitzwarren, loyal to William the Conqueror, arrives at Vivienne's peaceful abbey.

Needing a healer for his overlord, Rorke captures Vivienne to nurse William. Although she heals William and is revered by his peers, Rorke cannot trust the unusual Saxon maid.

On a quest for a legendary sword, Rorke will travel through England and into the Mists. Only with Vivienne's help can he battle the forces of darkness. Although a curse prevents her from ever knowing love, Rorke is willing to risk all in order to win Vivienne.

With magic and wonderment, Quinn Taylor Evans binds you heart and soul to MERLIN'S LEGACY: DAUGHTER OF FIRE. A not-to-be-missed read. SENSUAL (Jan., 432 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin