The third volume of a truly magical series that perfectly blends touches of fantasy with the miracle of romance is an exciting and compelling tale of Merlin's daughter, Cassandra, and William the Conqueror's son, Stephen of Valois.

Determined to set down an uprising in Wales, Stephen appears to stalk danger, for all who have gone before him have perished. Yet, after a beautiful young woman appears to him in a magical vision, Stephen is intent upon completing his mission.

Cassandra has long denied her birthright and though her powers are strong, she is pulled between the light and the ever encroaching Darkness. When Stephen and his men make their escape from her step brother's keep, he takes Cassandra prisoner. Stephen brings her to the legendary Camelot and using a spellcast, he forces her to lose her powers.

Cassandra defies her captor, but without her powers she is lost. Listening to her heart and the voices of old, Cassandra eventually realizes that Stephen is part of the destiny she has seen revealed in her sister's tapestry.

Now they must both fight the powers of Darkness to save themselves and the world from evil and for Cassandra to fulfill her fate.

Taylor Quinn Evans is a master at merging the real and the magical to bring readers a wondrous tale that shimmers with the aura of the Arthurian legend. Readers will truly delight in this tale of sorcery and love and cherish it until the next book in the series appears next year. SENSUAL (Jan., 350 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin