The Darkness has returned; the battle between good and evil begun in Daughter of Fire continues as the Darkness finds Brianna of Inverness who must use her birthright to save her people and to find the love of a lifetime.

When Inverness is attacked by the ruthless viking raider Mardigan, Brianna and the Scots fight for their freedom. Though they drive the raiders back, Brianna knows Mardigan will return. Only by putting her faith in a stranger, Norman knight Tarek el Sharif, can she hope to save Inverness.

Tarek has come to the British Isles seeking revenge against the man who ruined his mother. The moment he sees Brianna, he remembers the beautiful young woman as the one who once saved his life. He pledges to help her and serve King William by driving Mardigan out of Scotland. Little does Tarek understand the magical world he has entered; for Brianna is a changeling and a woman of great loyalty and passion.

Inexorably drawn to one another as they fight Mardigan and his evil plot, Brianna and Tarek find a passion that stuns them both. Accepting his beloved's unique powers leads Tarek into a great battle between Darkness and Light where the prize is the Grail.

Sorcery, enchantment, mystery and romance blend together perfectly in Taylor Quinn Evans' DAUGHTER OF THE MIST, the second book in her Merlin's Legacy trilogy. Like Mary Stewart and Marion Zimmer Bradley, Taylor Quinn Evans weaves a spell that enchants, absorbs and enlightens the reader; truly memorable romance from a master. SENSUAL (July, 450 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin