Readers rejoice! This prequel takes readers to the days preceding Camelot, when both Merlin and Arthur were young and Camelot was but a dream.

Merlin's sister Megan lives in Avalon far beyond the mists of time, in a land that knows no boundaries. It is a place of goodness, magic, the wisdom of the ancient ones and the omnipotent powers of the light.

Megan has never met Merlin, as he was sent to live in the mortal world when she was an infant. Longing to experience his world, Megan transforms into a deer, passing through the portal into the mortal realm.

When Connor of Anglia strikes her down with an arrow, he finds the "deer" to be a beautiful maiden and takes her to Arthur with the hope that Merlin may save her. Connor has lost home and family in his quest to save Britain from the false kings after Arthur, the one true king, left war torn Britain 15 years before.

Now Arthur has returned to claim his right as king of Britain. Drawn through the mists of time, Megan and Connor must make grave decisions that will forever seal their fate.

Brilliantly evoking the essence of the Arthurian legend, Quinn Taylor Evans mesmerizes readers with her enthralling tale. Vibrant, multi-faceted, bittersweet and romantic, DAWN OF CAMELOT deftly entwines sword and sorcery with a glorious love story that will leave you longing for more. (Oct., 397 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Beth MacGregor