If youre seeking something new and different, look no further. After her cruel, older husband subjects Konstanze to brutal humiliation, she uses an unexpected secret inheritance to escape to the Cornish coast.

Tom Trewella, mastermind of Penperros illegal smuggling operation, is having difficulty finding a way to permanently oust the kings newly installed Preventive Water Guard Service until the solution literally crawls from the water in the form of Konstanze. His idea is insane, shocking, and utterly perfect.

The idea of playing a mermaid appeals to Kostanze. Though she should stay hidden from her husband, the offer, as well as Tom, is too tempting to her blooming independence to ignore. With the support of the entire village and the clever needlework of her devoted servant, Konstanze and Tom create the mermaid of Penperro, a living legend designed to thwart the determined Preventive Guard. But as in all such schemes, reality and truth eventually invade, forcing the players to make ultimate choices.

Ms. Cach makes this a wonderful and engaging tale with unique twists that offer happy surprises. The wild Cornish coast and its one of a kind folk come to distinct life under the authors pen, and her ability to create toe-curling sexual tension makes for a must-stay-up-and-read-till-dawn story. SENSUAL (Apr., 391 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black