Image of Merry, Merry Ghost (Bailey Ruth Mysteries, No. 2)


Image of Merry, Merry Ghost (Bailey Ruth Mysteries, No. 2)

here aren't many heavenly rules that impetuous ghost Bailey Ruth Raeburn won't overlook, if not break outright,
to help her human charges. Hart's
celestial messenger is a hoot: funny,
outrageous, fashion conscious (even a ghost has to look good, whether she's seen or not), and readers will chuckle
out loud at her antics in this heaven-
sent Christmas mystery. An entertaining addition to your holiday reading.

Flamboyant, warmhearted and enthusiastic ghost Bailey Ruth has been assigned to protect a small boy deposited on his grandmother's porch just before Christmas. With warnings to mind the heavenly rules, Bailey Ruth is dispatched to Earth to find out which of the rich woman's greedy heirs is willing to commit murder to keep him from inheriting. (MORROW, Nov., 288 pp., $15.99)

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper