Wealthy eastern banker Gregory Mayfield III needs rest and privacy to recuperate from an illness, but that's not what he gets at Catherine Hill's home. From the moment he arrives, Greg is thrown into the fray as Catherine's cat, Lord Romeo, attacks him while Catherine practically falls out of a tree at his feet.

Even though Catherine had promised her friend, Gregory's sister, to make her brother welcome, she has some doubts. The stuffy eastern gentleman could be more trouble than he's worth.

Though Greg, too, is wary about staying, he has a bet to win and win it he will. He just never expects to be so captivated by the charming widow. Here is a woman with whom he can match wits and one whose beauty, courage and intelligence surprise him. A confirmed bachelor, Greg begins to have second thoughts.

Catherine is proud of the way she has managed to make an independent life for herself and is not so willing to give up one ounce of her freedom to a man, but when Greg starts wooing, it is hard to resist. He brings out her natural sensuality, and she truly enjoys their lovemaking.

Yet egotism stands in their way until Greg and Catherine make a wager of their own.

Smart, sassy and sexy, CATHERINE is a fantastic read, one of those rare laugh out loud romances that is as delicious as a chocolate confection. Ms. Michaels delights and captivates with another wonderful and unforgettable Americana-style romance. SENSUAL (Feb., 380 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Aileen Cassidy