Here is the powerful finale to a very strong trilogy that has explored how three very different women find the love of a lifetime. Ms. Michaels has given readers a sensitive story with Mary, a sexy romp with Catherine, and now a story of strength with SARAH.

When Catherine tells Sarah Westfall that love may come to her doorstep, she never expects it to sneak through a window in the form of half-Apache Rio Santee.

An outcast, bent on revenge, determined to find the men responsible for his wifes death and those who stole his sons, Rio is on the run when he arrives in Sarahs home.

Strongwilled Sarah is capable of chasing the intruder, but she cant turn away his two boys. She brings them into her home, leaving herself vulnerable to love.

Sarahs pride had been stolen by her cold-hearted husband and she has built a life as a hard-working widow, yet she longs for tenderness and a chance for a real home with children.

Isolated by a storm, struggling with intense emotions, Rio and Sarah join forces to protect the boys from those who are hunting Rio and a town rife with prejudice. Rio cannot offer Sarah a secure future, but the bond of love they forge cannot be broken.

Ms. Michaels draws readers into her tale with a master storytellers touch, creating three-dimensional characters, sexual tension and then adding a depth of emotion that sweeps them away. A not-to-be-missed western by a powerhouse writer. SENSUAL (July, 350 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Aileen Cassidy