In Wilson’s universe, the curse of vampirism is a disease that renders those who contract it deadly to uninfected humans. Set in Canada, the story is classic good vs. evil with a hefty dose of science and medicine thrown in. While a minor character introduced in the final chapter is the hero of Wilson’s next vampire romance, this is a stand- alone story.

In his search for a cure to rid vampires of their viral curse, Dr. Delano Bowen traces the Merzetti family tree in hopes that ancient tales about their blood carrying an antidote are true. He discovers one surviving descendant, Ainsley Crawford. After she is attacked and bitten by a rogue vampire, Ainsley is rescued by Del and kept under observation to ensure she does not carry the disease. Ainsley’s world is further rocked when she learns that Del is a vampire, too. Overcome by sexual desire, Ainsley and Del discover they’ve entered unexplored territory. If Ainsley’s blood really holds an antidote, keeping her alive is essential. (NORAHWILSONWRITES.COM, dl $3.99)

Reviewed by: 
Karen Sweeny-Justice