Psychic investigator Olivia Moreland works to expose the gaggle of frauds who stream into London, feeding the public's fascination with clairvoyance. She can discern the fakes because she has the "gift" herself, though she doesn't rely on her powers.

When Stephen, Lord St. Leger, hires Olivia to investigate an alleged psychic, she discovers an overpowering dark aura at Blackhope Hall, Stephen's estate.

The house is filled with tension. Stephen's brother is dead, killed by a ghost or a medium, and past anger between the brothers follows them like a dark spirit. And yet, Olivia finds herself drawn into Stephen's arms.

Camp's understanding of human nature and the Victorian mind-set draws readers into the atmosphere of the period as well as the titillating gothic mystery and its paranormal twist. As with her other titles, MESMERIZED showcases the power of love. In this case, Camp shows the ability of love to help people overcome something out of the ordinary. SENSUAL (Oct., 410 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin