You'll find yourself Mesmerized by this sensual offering that takes readers on a sexy ride through the ages. Tired of foppish suitors, Abigail Foxworth resigns herself to a spinster's life, until she meets Sir Philip Ashton and is spellbound by a mesmerist. But are her feelings real or an illusion? Arousing yet sweet, Kelly's "Sir Philip Ashton's s" spices up Regency romance.

Mark Ranzetti is one sexy boss, but Elaine Ridgley isn't letting her overheated reaction stand in the way of her success. Throw in some hypnosis, and soon things go from the boardroom to the bedroom. Raine's "Magic in the Works" is like a HepburnTracy movie, but a lot hotter and with a vibrator that is practically a secondary character.

Tracker UlRic Lor needs Mia Logan's hypnotic powers to subdue a brutal killer, only their desire is getting in the way. When they finally act on their fantasies, each sees the passionate trysts differently. Burton's "True Lies" turns up the heat. (dl $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Pamela Cohen