Rosemary Edgehill has penned an enthralling and compelling story for the discriminating reader, of a love so pure as to defy the clutches of evil, with a tortured hero reminiscent of Laura Kinsale.

It's All Hallows Eve and Diana Crossways is getting ready to close her bookshop when a stranger delivers an ancient book. When Diana leaves her shop she finds herself in a meadow.

Disoriented, she meets a man standing in the trees, a man she likens to a fallen angel. He whispers in a strange language and then in English, telling her to run. And run she does, straight into the midst of a coven of witches, where she is pulled into the dancing fray.

Diana finds she has traveled back in time to England in 1647, and is taken in by Abigail Fortune, one of the coven's witches, who believes Diana to be an elf from The Hollow Hills. It is not long before the witch hunter Matthew Hopkins visits the village, bringing with him his trained hell hound, Upright-Before-the-Lord Makepeace, the fallen angel. Upon the witch hunter's arrival, life in the village borders on chaos.

Time and again Diana comes across Upright and though she knows she was sent across time to find him, she is lost as to a way to free him from Hopkins. When Diana is accused of being a witch and captured.

Upright fights the bonds of his master, trying to remember fragments of his life before he was enslaved. One thing he is sure of is that Diana is his soul's other half and he will risk all to save her.

(Feb, 317 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabelle Cox