In a clever reversal of gender roles, Frankie is a fighter while John is a cook. John is the caregiver making Frankie laugh and easing her burden of being in command. The ties that bind Frankie and John together are unbreakable and the couple's feelings are palpable. Readers will be spellbound by the evolution the characters’ relationship makes from deep friendship to everlasting love.

Commander Frankie Beumont has an obligation to her crew to fight the Imbers and take back Earth. Frankie's spaceship is the backup for the larger ship that will take down the machines made of living parts that have destroyed Earth with toxic substances. However, her job gets a whole lot harder once the ship she was suppose to work with is destroyed. It is up to her to complete the mission, even if it means her death. An added complication is the growing feelings that Frankie has for her best friend, John O'Shaughnessy. It is one thing to risk her life for the cause, but will she be willing to risk his — especially now that their friendship has grown into something more? (Samhain, Feb 2010, dl. $3.50)

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Dawn Crowne