In the classic sci-fi romance The Silver Metal Lover, Lee wove together the spellbinding story of spoiled teenager Jane, her pampered life in a future world devastated by natural disaster and pollution and her forbidden love for a robot named Silver.

Two decades later, Lee presents this extraordinary followup. Loren has read her clandestine copy of Jane's Story, a radical underground book, to tatters, but knows the reality of her life was far different from Jane's privileged upbringing. Loren sur-vives by her wits and street-smarts, with no time for romantic fantasies. Still, when updated versions of the old pleasure robots are released, she risks much for the chance to see the new Silver, now more godlike than human. Loren knows she can't exactly trust him, but she finds herself following him into a battle to control his own destiny.

Highly anticipated, this stand-alone tale will resonate with fans of futuristic romance. The setting is just enough like our world to be terrifyingly and beautifully real. Loren is strong-willed and savvy, yet achingly young and vulnerable; Verlis, as Silver is now known, is at once inhumanly perfect and imperfectly human. With elements of science fiction adventure and star-crossed romance, Lee crafts a paean to the invincible human soul and its yearning for freedom. (Mar., 325 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jen Talley Exum