Image of Mia and the Powerful Greek


Image of Mia and the Powerful Greek
MIA AND THE POWERFUL GREEK (4) by Michelle Reid: As the illegitimate daughter of a wealthy British family, Mia Balfour isn’t sure she wants to be like the rest of her family. To help her fit in, her father arranges for her to become the personal assistant of his protégé, businessman Nikos Theakis. Unfortunately, Mia and Nikos hate each other on sight despite the attraction that ignites between them. When they act on that attraction, Mia becomes pregnant. Nikos offers to marry her, even though he cannot admit to himself that he loves her. How these two lost souls finally open up to each other makes for a great read. Reid is a master of believable dialogue, and the fight scenes between Mia and Nikos are almost too fun to read only once.
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Rhomylly Forbes